The smallest drive for a portable drug delivery device

The smallest drive for a portable drug delivery device

The smallest drive for a portable drug delivery device

The smallest drive for a portable drug delivery device

The smallest drive for a portable drug delivery device

Unlimited possibilities by using a gas producing dry cell

As an independent family-owned company, simatec has been impressing customers with its outstanding and innovative products for almost 40 years. Innovation and customer focus belong to the success factors already today, existing technologies can now also be successfully transferred to the medical industry.

Let's innovate together

Working together as partners, we are inspired to help implement our drive into an innovative device that meets and will exceed today's requirements.

Please approach us - we are the specialists for the drive using the gas producing dry cell.


Medical device powered by gas producing dry cell

Existing forms of therapy are more and more switching to the home care sector. New challenges for drug delivery and supply chains are emerging. High volume delivery systems with remote monitoring also need new approaches to continue to ensure patient safety and end user benefits.

The simatec drive revolutionizes existing delivery systems, making them more convenient, lightweight, power-independent and completely silent.

Simatec is developing a new type of drive that is perfectly suited for applications with pre-filled syringes or cartridges.

The simplicity of the gas producing dry cell drive is not only interesting in terms of purchasing and assembly costs, but also in terms of sustainability. Installing less components means consuming fewer resources, which is directly reflected in an improved eco-balance.

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Focus on patients

Through the Design Thinking method, simatec wants to provide even wider support for innovations and place the customer's needs more firmly at the heart of all considerations.  

Design Thinking is based on the basic principles of team, space and process. 

A number of interviews with medical doctors, pharmacists, home care staff and patients demonstrate a great need for affordable and portable dispensing systems that are "simple and smart" to use. Also, the tendency to use smaller driving systems is not just a desire to increase comfort but is a great demand in the areas of pediatrics or the long-term care at home.


Technical features

  • Volume: 1ml up to 250ml​
  • Flow rate: 50ml/h* … 0.06ml/d
  • Temperature: -20°C..+55°C 
  • Viscosity: 1..>100 cP
  • Pressure: 25bar+
  • Storage time: >3y


* 5 cell stack


Other benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Smaller than a fingertip
  • Silent 
  • Lightweight 
  • Works in every position
  • Fully controllable
  • Starts and stops at any time on demand


Wide range of applications

  • Driven by the gas-producing cell
  • Gas volume and rates scalable by stacking cells
  • With glass carpule up to 50ml
  • Medical device or combined product
  • Pre-filled or patient-filled​
  • Or drug delivery by squeezing the bag
  • No leaching problems

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